The Indica Vaporizer Review

The Indica is a subtle portable vaporizer that has a 5 different heater setting that has been put inside a fun sized Zippo lighter.


The device is pretty sturdy and holds about a quarter gram of plant matter that is finely shredded. There is a rubberized mouthpiece and a heater control button that is under its flip up lid.

The device is about 3 inches in height and is about 2 inches in width. This means that it is pretty compact and is light.

The problem with the Indica is that it’s hard to load. The door of the chamber is annoying to remove. Also you need to pack it to the fill line otherwise you have to insert a tiny metal spacer so that the plant matter heats up evenly.

A full load will give you about 24 good full draws before you have to refill.

The quality of the vapor is decent, but is thin even when it is on the highest setting. You will first need to burn off the plastic taste so you will have to do a few cycles.

Even though it has been designed to look like a Zippo it is a lot bigger than one.

In saying that though it is a decent portable vaporizer that heats between cycles of 352 and 412 degrees Fahrenheit. A color coded LED light that is close to the selector button will show you the temperature.

The battery life is pretty good that charges through a micro USB port. The Indica lasts for just over an hour when it is used continuously.

You are able to get the Indica in either stainless steel or matte black finish. It is a good vaporizer with a strong construction that means it does deserve a second look.