Plenty Vaporizer Review

The Plenty Vaporizer has been created by Storz and Bickel and is smaller device compared to the Volcano Vaporizer, which is easy to use.

plenty vaporizer

The look of the Plenty is that of a power tool and does look odd, but they have a purpose.

This vaporizer is able to vaporize both oils and herbs. It comes with an oil pad where you can place your concentrates on. In the vaporization of herbs it uses conduction and convection heating.

How it Works

It is pretty easy to load the Plenty vaporizer. You will first need to remove the coil and the orange piece that is attached to it. The orange piece is the chamber that can be accessed by removing the coil.

The chamber is quite large and is able to hold up to 2 grams. The chamber is shallow, but it is wide, which gives an even vape. As you load up the chamber you should turn the vaporizer on. You just need to press the orange switch that is on the side of the unit and press the auto-off release handle. Choose your temperature that range from 266 degrees Fahrenheit to 394 degrees.

It takes about a minute for the unit to heat up. Once the temperature has been reached, attach the coil and you are ready to vape. There is also an auto shut off feature, which means that the unit will turn off automatically after 90 seconds.


  • Vapor Quality – The vapor from the unit is wonderful and is one of the best vapor qualities.
  • Durability – The Plenty is highly durable and made from high quality materials.
  • Chamber Size – the chamber is bigger then most.


  • Use – you have to press the button to keep it at the temperature set. This can be annoying.
  • Looks – the look of the Plenty is not for everyone, but it does have a purpose.