Vapolution 2.0 Vaporizer Review

Vapolution is not only an eco-friendly manufacturer, but were also the first to create the glass on glass vaporizer.

vapolution 2.0

Real glass on glass pathways ensure that your plant matter doesn’t come into contact with any metal heating elements or parts that could be harmful to your health. Glass on glass also is said to provide a smooth and full tasting vape.

Another great feature of the Vapolution 2.0 is that it heats up in less than 5 minutes and has a precise temperature control.

The heating chamber is also unique as it is made from glass and steel. It is highly durable and your materials will get hot quite quickly.

The unit is actually light, which you might not expect when you see it. It is able to produce a very clean and pure vape. You will not need to grind your herbs when you load the heating chamber, but rather break them down by hand and roll the plant matter into small pellets. You place these into the glass and they will stay in place due to the friction.

The only real drawback of the Vapolution 2.0 is that it can be tricky to load. The unit does take a little longer than others to heat up, but still does it in less than 5 minutes. Also the table top vaporizer doesn’t have a clear indicator of when it actually has heated up.

Vapolution though are passionate about the environment and the packaging is made from 100% recycled material.

With the Vapolution 2.0 you receive one 12 volt power supply, a car adapter, 2 retaining washers, 2 glass chambers and 2 food grade whips.

Overall the Vapolution 2.0 is a great unit to have and is a top rated desktop vaporizer. The vape that is produced is one of the best as it creates thick and flavorful clouds.