Vaporizers a New Perk at Pot-friendly Vacation Spots

Vaporizers a New Perk at Pot-friendly Vacation Spots

Vacation is the time where you can escape it all, relax and do nothing. The feeling of relaxation though has been further enhanced in some places.


Recreational cannabis is now available in a few states, those being Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska. There has been a boom in each of these states with 420 friendly hospitality businesses providing one of the most relaxing atmospheres.

The founder of the Shangri-La Inn, Kathleen Miller said that this is the beginning of something big. In states that have allowed the use of cannabis, Colorado seems to be ahead of the game and is quite comfortable with the cloud.

Travel High Colorado and other such services exist now to offer the perfect cannabis vacation and they are now offering everything from lodging to transportation to and from dispensaries.

There is a spawn of new services now available, existing businesses are offering a new perk to the norm and guests are now able to use vaporizers.

Miller is one such business owner and advises guests to visit nearby dispensaries to find a vaporizer that suits them.

She has said that about 25% of her clients are using vaporizers.

The Shangri-La Inn allows the use of cannabis as well as offering a number of holistic healing services.

The trend can be owed to the potential health perks that vaping has suggested. This comes at the time when anything natural and organic is also on trend. The movement is being driven by the trends that are already in motion.

The natural way of healing is being embraced due to the research being done on how pesticides can harm your lungs.

One of the safest ways to go is vaporizers, but they are only just catching on.

States that allow the use of recreational cannabis have embraced this trend and vaporizers are at the top of the must-have list for existing and new businesses.

You can sit back and relax whilst you enjoy your vacation spot and some cannabis.